A 360˚ fairy parade moves through hours and seasons alike...

This latest mural is the THIRD to take life on Castlegreen Drive! 

After adding on a sort of garage extension / man cave / pool room, Roger felt that what the room needed was some fairy influence. He pictured a scene rolling from dusk to night to dawn to day, simultaneously moving through the seasons. I suggested a great circular parade circumnavigating the room, and thus began the great Fairy Parade. 

finished winter to summer.jpg
finished summer to winter.jpg

Each main wall represents one of the four seasons. They show a warm summer night, a bright fall morning, a crisp winter day, and a breezy spring afternoon. This mural was a great opportunity to play around with character design; click here to see detail shots of each fairy on the main project page! 

Here's a spring couple in honor of the INCREDIBLY WARM weather Richmond had today~

details spring2.jpg

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