Mural Practice

Prep work on a mural, usually because of size and time constraints, is reeeeallly important. Legend (or 'wikipedia') has it that Alfred Hitchcock's films always came in underbudget, because every part of them was thoroughly planned out, down to the last minute. Besides the fact that I would love to be more like Alfred Hitchcock in nearly every way, in this way in particular I am trying to emulate him. I've been amping up the prep work steadily over time, so I thought I'd make a little collection post here and show that off. 

Practices and final painting for one of the birdies at CMoR

Two of many suggested plans for Grove Ave. superimposed on a picture of their blank wall.

Beginning sketches for Ellen's salon piece and an invitation...

Which is a perfect segway to tell you about the Garden Party! If you'll be in the Richmond area on April 27th, I'm excited to invite you to come see one of the first Herr Suite murals in person! 

Most of my murals are in people's homes and therefore 'available for private viewings only,' but Kathy Hayfield is generously holding an open house to show off her new sunroom, freshly re-imagined by yours truly

Come out between 3 and 6pm, check out the mural, enjoy Kathy's lovely outdoor garden, snack a little, let me practice my HerrSuite mural-salesman pitch on you.... Hope I see you there!

PS: If you're seeing this for the 5th time because I'm posting about it everywhere I can, sorry about that, just trying to cover my bases.

(PPS: sorrynotsorry, maybe seeing it five times will make you want to attend five times as much!)