Social 52

Here at HerrSuite we are keeping the party train going strong - I finished this mural this week, and this weekend I will be working with Arts in the Alley at Hospital Hospice House to paint another.

The new restaurant Social 52 replaced the restaurant Avalon on Main St at Mulberry a little less than a year ago, and they still have some work to do on their 'presence' in the popular bar-hopping area.  I developed a design for the large blank wall facing up-street towards Starlite and Three Monkeys, based on the current owners' information on the history of the building as an old A&P.

(A second mural might come into play featuring the antiquated A&P logo on the interior of the building, so that people can make the connection between the two.)


As I was painting, I heard that many passers-by are still surprised to see Avalon gone, and I even witnessed some late-night patrons asking what the '52' I was painting was for. This clean, bright, highly visible sign will be a big help in making this new spot recognizable and distinct.

The view from Robinson and Main, in front of Starlite

This was a fast-and-furious mural for me - got the whole thing up in two and a half work days, with a helping hand from a few friends (Matt and Nathan and Tom, you rock!). For the projector to show up on the wall, and to avoid the heat of the day, I worked late into the night, which meant I was a one-woman inverted parade for the line of people out the door at around midnight on Friday. (This was all kinds of fun and awkward, and I realized I sort of like painting in front of a crowd!)

Lots of these people were very confused by the projector light on the wall, and the sight of me on scaffolding painting the background white layer. It sort of looks like I'm painting the color on, but with a magic brush that paints all the colors at once. My favorite drunkie comment of the night went as follows:

Dudes A and B are in a larger alphabet of dudes, all musing on the strange sight in front of them. Dude A finally comprehends that I am not painting the colors, they are projected. A second later Dude B gets it too.

Dude B is flabbergasted and says "Oh! I get it! You're cheating!"





"Science" pictured above

To see more pictures and a before-&-after comparison, CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE PROJECT PAGE for this mural.