Halcyon Vintage Planning Page

Welcome to your design gallery!  I'll upload everything to this page, and we can both comment here. It's like a private blog.  I'll wait for your approval of each stage (via comment, text, email, or call) to continue to the next step.

8/5/14: Colors!

I have some color options for you! The first is the most true to the value study, the second and third are most true to the color swatches we discussed, and the fourth and fifth are a different direction I couldn't resist trying. 

The fourth is my favorite, but of course I would like your opinion on which suits your vision best! You can mix and match small elements, however please consider these as options rather than starting points. 

2&3 differ only in starburst color

4&5 differ in starburst, rocks, and hair color

Disclaimers: These are still studies! Expect more definition and finesse in the end. Although the planning process may have pushed some lines around here and there, any structural changes are immaterial - please do not be concerned by them. Also, everything always looks brighter on a screen than on a solid surface - I know the first image appears very bright, but take that with a grain of salt. 

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7/17/14: Value layout

Once I made the version with less rocks, I ended up liking it better anyway, so what say we just stick with it? Fear not the black - it won't be nearly so dark in color. 

I got your email - I can drop the horizon a bit more, but not much - it's got to echo the space below the letters. 

I'll see you later today to discuss color!

7/15/14: Updated composition

Once again this change is subtle, but hopefully a happy medium. By making the text slightly smaller I could bring the left side in a little, making the whole thing more vertical proportionally. This allows me to make the whole thing slightly larger overall on the wall. 

I've included the composition from yesterday here, the new version, and a version with extra rocks.  

I very much appreciate your input.  I think these changes are all improvements, and I want this new feature of your store to represent you sublimely. Please keep in mind that we are still in the planning stages here, and the image will appear very different as I and add color and value, and then redraw it entirely for the painted miniature.

7/15/14: Updated composition

Okay, so what I'm hearing is: 

- add rocks
- lengthen the image to make it a more vertical composition, and fit better in its space
- lower the horizon line to add more sky
- when the kingfisher gets its final form, it should be a belted kingfisher (good choice - native!)

Here are three mockups of the original size, the current composition in the space and size of the original, and a possible next step (click to view large). I think adding more of a boulder-scape to the bottom would solve two of our new goals very nicely, and lengthening the sign fits the pre-painted space better as well. 

Since we had discussed keeping the sign the same size originally, I need to point out that increasing the size of the mural does add painting time and therefore would raise the cost. If you'd like to take that step, I think it might be more easily discussed over the phone.


7/14/14: Updated composition

The changes are subtle but clear improvements. The boulders are more elephantine, the tree is a little more visible, with roots spreading on either side of Alcyone, the shoreline is rimmed with pine trees, Alcyone is more statuesque.... 

The starburst is faint but present - you may have to view your screen from a steep angle to see it. Black and white makes it hard to see, and things will be much clearer once we get to color. 

Should this meet your approval, the next step is the value study and color palette.