As part of a complete overhaul of their customer floor, Horizon Forest Products commissioned me to re-create their company's logo en grande.   The new mural would replace an old vinyl sign, which had weathered badly over the last five years. This new, more permanent sign should last them between 10 and 15 years.

Size: approx. 20' long x 12' at top

Location: 4820 Eubank Rd. Henrico, VA




Customers will see this sign up close by the door, as well as from the bleachers in the Diamond.


Planning + Process


 Given the company logo you see to the right, I provided the client with several possible layout options - more than are pictured here - to show a range of sizes and accommodations with the fixed features of the wall.  Each layout had an estimated price-tag attached, so that the client could balance their choice between aesthetic and cost.

Logo projects like this have the perk of progressing more quickly than bespoke murals, because the time investment of creating an original image is not part of the equation.

Long Flooring progress.jpg

This store needed a layout that could be read clearly from the road (across their large parking lot) or the conveniently-positioned baseball stadium seating across the way. It also needed to be crisp and clean up close, because it would be right next to the showroom's front door. 

After washing the wall's surface, I started painting by projecting the digital image at night and tracing it roughly onto the wall. In the daylight, I could then fill in my outlines with the logo color. A traced outline is never perfect though, so I tend to do a lot of jumping up and down the ladder to check my typography perfection from a distance.


Finished Mural



6 months later... 


Just a few short months after I had finished their logo, Long Flooring's parent company changed their name to Horizon Forest Products. My client had to comply, so they called me back in.

For the second round the planning was simpler, because we knew the tree was staying put. The decision was just a matter of details about cars and lighting. (That little white box is there to indicate a future window planned in their renovations.)


(Really) Finished Mural