Find A Mechanic

Okay, so for about six months I've been poking around Craigslist and miscellaneous other online resources looking for cheap trucks. I've found a LOT of interesting leads, but I keep shorting out because I really need to talk to a good commercial vehicle mechanic first.

I've gotten a couple of names for local mechanics from friends, but others have told me there's no point talking to them unless they are familiar with commercial vehicles. Dang. I'm still going to give the recommended guys a call just in case, because not only do I not know a dang thing about cars, I also am not used to working with mechanics at alllllll. It would be so nice to talk to someone I already know has great references from people I know. 

My only current lead for a recommended commercial mechanic is Seredni Tire, 5302 lakeside, 804-266-2700. Ask for Al or Roger. I can do that.