HerrSuite Mobile Studio

I'm on the path to creating the HerrSuite Mobile Studio.  FINALLY!

Each step I take on this path will be documented here for the sake of Future Emily (so I remember what I did when and where), Present Emily (as a daily push forward on this long-gestated project), and of course You, my Dear Reader. 

THE GOAL: A large vehicle that helps me paint murals more efficiently, more adventurously, and more visibly.

This vehicle will be my studio space (so I'll work INSIDE it on designs) and my supplies storage space (so I'll work FROM it on murals). 

I currently have a large studio space which I almost never use because of the nature of my work. Each mural I paint requires that I pack up all of my supplies, carry them down two flights of stairs, load them into my car, and unload them at the mural site to set up and work. Reverse the process to go home and start on the next design.

I want to REPLACE that process with a super-slick vehicle and tiny-spaces mindset that lets me act like a snail and just bring my everything with me all the time! It will also let me leave my snail-trail of painting everywhere I go.

I also want to SHARE this experience to hopefully inspire others on the same path. In the two years I've been chewing on this plan, I have seen very few similar projects, and nothing at all that matches what I'm picturing. Food Trucks and Mobile Recording Studios come kind of close. 





This record will have all my notes about my process, so eventually there will be a lot of technical building details and plans.... but I would also like to make this project as visible as possible, so there may be some interviews, live event things, and other reaching-out kind of info!   

In the next couple of months, I'll be clearing my plate of other projects to devote myself to attacking this full-force. Until then, expect to see a lot of dreaming, question lists, notes to myself, etc. 

Please follow along!

You can check back on this site, subscribe via your RSS reader, follow on Tumblr, or follow on Facebook. I post to Instagram too, but it will be spottier and less about the Studio and more about pretty things I draw and paint.