Social 52 Planning Page

What follows are preliminary designs only.

They may only be reproduced, shared, or distributed with the express permission of HerrSuite.

Posted 5/8/14

Requested: mockup for solid brown background, solid white 52 with gold outline. Far and close vewpoints shown, with description below.

6: Fitted, Fresh, w/pre-painted wall (brown, same color as the facade and side edge), blue in the circle (same color as facade accents) and gold outline instead of white - $450 (plus est. <$100 in materials and price of pre-painted wall)

See below for pre-painted wall info.


Posted 4/30/14

(above) Proposed design for '52' to replace A&P.

Possible replacements for "Quality Groceries": 

  • Craft Quality
  • Restaurant
  • Craft Kitchen
  • Gather Here
  • Fine Drinking
  • Meet Here

Info about the 5 mural versions below:

  • 4 versions show just the A&P symbol, the 5th shows the new '52' in place. All final murals will have the '52' in place.
  • Each version below has a close, mid, and far viewpoint. The 'far' viewpoint is from the intersection of Main and Robinson. Click the arrow on each picture to move through the different viewpoint. 
  • The $ number following each version is the contract price I would charge for that version of the mural. Click here for a sample contract.
  • For versions 1-3, I will condition and prime the brick only below the area I am painting.
  • Versions 4 and 5 require the wall to be painted a flat color before I can begin work. You can either handle this independently or through me, for which I will subcontract that portion of the project. I'd get a paint contractor to price the job beforehand, but I estimate that would cost you about $1000 for the full length of the wall.

1: Oversized, Faded - $600 (plus est. <$100 in materials)

2: Fitted, Faded - $550 (plus est. <$100 in materials)

3: Fitted, Fresh - $500 (plus est. <$100 in materials)

4: Fitted, Fresh, w/pre-painted wall - $450 (plus est. <$100 in materials and price of pre-painted wall)

See above for pre-painted wall info

5: Fitted, Fresh, w/art background on pre-painted wall, including the top three panels on the front of the buidling. Imagery is either a reproduction of one of the prints inside or a new piece from the original artist - $800 (plus est. <$200 in materials and price of pre-painted wall) (plus any additional pre-wall consult time for collaboration at $25/hr) 

Requires permission from the original artist.

See above for pre-painted wall info.