The Broad

This accent wall was designed for The Broad. From their site: 

"The Broad is a MAKING SPACE in Richmond. 

A community center where we can learn from each other, a workspace where we can get it done, and a clubhouse where we can connect IRL - a place that exists to make more space for women* in Richmond, in our community, and in our world.

A space to take a meeting over coffee, catch up with a friend with a glass (or two) of wine, put in some work during the 9-5, get your yoga on in our weekly classes, enjoy a workshop or a panel on art or money or flower arranging or love - because we are multifaceted people in a multifaceted world and it's totally cool to be into astronomy AND astrology, curious about super serums AND the supernatural, and invested in the stock market AND the outcome of Bachelor In Paradise.

At The Broad, we're making space so you have space. Space to learn, grow, connect, work, and BE. The Broad is a space for us.

*The Broad is an LGBTQIA+ Friendly Space that does not have a binary view of womanhood"

Size: 10' x 12'
Location: The Broad, 209 N Foushee St, Richmond, VA 23220
DOB: November 2017