Fantasia Planning Page

12/13 (2): Colorways are here!

-these (like the concept sketch) are rough plans - they aren't nearly as detailed or nuanced as the final piece will be. 

-colorways can be weird to look at all together - it tends to make you think along the lines of 'find the 12 differences' rather than giving an overall impression of each palette. SO! I've put them in a slideshow to look at one at a time. 

-they are all more or less the same saturation and value (intensity of color and light/darkness). These factors are easily changeable, so if you like one but it seems too dark just let me know :)

-the yellow is an approximation of the current wall color. 

-I hope I'm not overwhelming you with options! You can choose one outright, or rank them, or give them ratings... I just want to give you as much control over this as possible. 

12/13: I added some progress images just for fun (and to keep you updated)

-the short hair is sort of a placeholder right now, but I'm liking the idea of it since it gives the girl a stronger silhouette. Plus, for a little girl climbing in trees in the mountainside, long hair seems a little impractical...! (although I guess you could say the same thing about the dress haha - but that's staying for sure) So - 

-I added a couple pictures of some maybe-maybe hairdos too, just to see what you think. 

12/11: The latest composition is up!

-I switched it out with the old one and deleted the other options for clarity - so you'll see it when you scroll down. 

-I also retrofitted it to the room model that Josh made, just for kicks. 

-Here is the final contract, a jpg of the final composition/concept sketch (same as below), and the first invoice (payable when I get up there on Sunday). Please send me a signed copy of the contract at your earliest convenience (by whatever method is easiest.)

12/5: Okay, I have updated the pictures for 'page 1'.

-There are a couple new reference photos (for the tree and possible sky).

-We also have some options to figure out - which wall and whether you would like some ceiling/sky painting...!

-I've figured out some numbers for the price, but I'd like to talk about the design first, before discussing that - see if you'd like anything changed, added, etc.


12/4: Hi there! Below are two possible murals. Before you look at them, I have a couple of notes first:

-please keep in mind that these are rough sketches - the styles and colors we discussed absolutely still apply. 

-I included a couple of reference pictures for each to help explicate them a little. 

-the lines on both are approximations of where the image might sit on the wall (both spill over to the neighboring walls some), but ultimately they will piece-out more, like the calvin and hobbes mural we looked at.



Composition Plan

peacock in tree, antelope in background

little girl nestled between branches, book in lap, feathers and ribbons in her hair

most detail: plants in foreground, full background, complex tree

full composition and values

pencil sketch

re-worked composition, with trunk and headboard blocked out
trails slightly onto the side walls, and the birds are now flying in from the closet wall. The landscape will trail down behind the bed, but nothing essential will be hidden. There are also a couple more grassy islands between the furniture corners, to make the body of it more centered and less flowing towards the bed corner. 


Josh's measurements with the furniture and mural. (The chest is shown too long, but it's accurate in scale and proportion against the mural wall.)

original design from 12/4

reference photos


tree and hillside (not background)

tree like this

sky/clouds like this

hairdo maybe1.jpg
hairdo maybe2.jpg


Page TWO

giant little girl nestled between hills, book in lap, robes spilling down the hillside

peacock on her shoulder, birds perched on and flying around her book, deer(?) peeking out of copse

simpler, more about the girl and less about the surroundings, a little surreal

all but house, also color