Mural Tour
July 2017

About the Tour

We are painting womxn on walls up the east coast! Starting in Richmond, VA, we are painting images of everyday womxn on the walls of their own cities. 

Click here to learn more about the first Girls! Girls! Girls! mural, painted on a Richmond garage in February 2017.

Submit a GIRL! 

  1. Think of a real, human lady-person you know
  2. Get a picture of her doing her thing
  3. Tell us why she’s rad as heck (and what city she lives in!
  4. How to submit:
  • Email to
  • Tag or DM @herrsuite or @girlsgirlstour on insta

Many will enter, all will win: My goal is to draw all the people submitted - follow on instagram to see when your submission pops up! 

Priority given to underrepresented bodies and lifestyles.

Pictures do not have to be professional or even "good"! Show us this person in action, in their natural habitat, in the zone - not on class picture day. 


Help us paint mural monuments to everyday women!  >>>> 

$upport the tour

About the Artist

My name is Emily Herr, and I’m a full-time, self-employed muralist based in Richmond, VA. I work out of a step van that I’ve converted into a one-of-a-kind Mobile Mural Studio. This July, I’m going to embark with my friend and assistant Sarah Apple in this rolling studio on an epic one-month Girls!Girls!Girls!-themed mural painting tour up the east coast, from Virginia to Vermont.

The spark for this trip is my awe of the Women’s March and my frustration with poor representation of women in media, combined with a love of adventure and travel. 

My goal is to create a public mural series that visually celebrates women as complex human beings, in contrast to the ubiquitous public imagery that flattens us into simple objects.


Cut Cut uses commercial printmaking processes to create engaging, personal, and site -specific products and displays.

Chesapeake Bank is a Richmond Sponsor of this project - thank you!