Castlegreen Drive

Myrn and Roger’s beautiful home is filled with architectural quirks like interesting corners and cut-throughs, and they asked me to help populate them with unique artwork.

While they weren't sure yet what they wanted, they trusted me to come up with designs that they would love seeing every day. Part of my challenge was to fit my visual style with the colorful, eclectic flair their home already had.   





bright, lively, eclectic


Divine Sneeze

A raised section of ceiling in the lively kitchen / living room leaves two triangles of wall facing a huge bay window, and hidden from the rest of the room. Despite the room's total of 5 doorways, you can't see the face of these triangles from anywhere but within the little TV nook, making this the perfect place for a bright, decorative surprise.

The tiny objects added into the explosion of triangles each represent something important to Myrn and Roger. The water and earth being woven together represent the couple themselves.   

One of my favorite touches is to add a little piece of a mural elsewhere in the space. This leaves the whole piece open-ended and keeps you looking for more. Here, I left a little orange star wandering over the kitchen about ten feet from the main piece [not pictured.] 

Size: approx. 3.5' x 18' (triangles only)


Finished Mural

This mural faces away from all five doors to this room...

...but a few yellow stars are visible up there, hinting at something hidden. 


Planning & Process

Scaffolding required for this tricky area

sketch plan #1

sketch plan #2 - EL GANADOR

This was all painted freehand...

...roughed out with pencil first, then painted into place

Water and earth being woven together~



Spotlit by the new lamp, installed just for this piece! 

Fairies, Cross Stitch, and a Gumball Machine - because of the height of this mural, many of these little additions are second- or third-reads, if you spot them at all. 



Myrn had seen some other tree paintings of mine, and decided she needed one of her own. We worked together to devise a crack through the wall into a different world (by the sea, of course), with birds acting as liaisons at Roger's request.

Myrn said she was so inspired by my finished piece that she couldn't resist doing a little painting herself - the pink swirls you see around the edges are the result. Ultimately, they may fill the whole wall...! 

Size: approx. 5' long x 8' at top


Finished Mural



Planning & Process




Fairy Parade

After adding on a sort of garage extension / man cave / pool room, Roger felt that what the room needed was some fairy influence. He pictured a scene rolling from dusk to night to dawn to day, simultaneously moving through the seasons. I suggested a great circular parade circumnavigating the room, and thus began the great Fairy Parade. 

Each main wall represents one of the four seasons. They show a warm summer night, a bright fall morning, a crisp winter day, and a breezy spring afternoon. This mural was a great opportunity to play around with character design; scroll down and click to see a detail shot of each fairy. 

Size: about 48' x 4'

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Finished Mural