Girls! Girls! Girls! Garage

Most of my work is commissioned, and therefore the design is often informed heavily by the client's input. This piece was one of my first opportunities to have complete control over the design. I chose to focus on a symbol I've been doodling with for a while now: neon signs, specifically the ones on strip clubs advertising GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS!

It totally tickles me that, with the right mindset, such typically misogynistic businesses appear to be celebrating girl power as LOUD as they can. So I decided to do just that, and put a drop in the bucket of women painting women just as they are - vastly varied, magnificent, normal, utterly human. 

All of the girls and women painted in this piece are referenced from images given to me in response to an open call: send me a picture of someone female-identifying who you love. 

I plan on this being an ongoing series. 

This mural has received a gush of positive feedback from the people living nearby, which has helped me decide to make this theme the focus of the mobile studio's inaugural adventure: a mural-painting tour up the East Coast, in July of 2017.  Thank you to everyone who is depicted in the mural, everyone who submitted pictures, and everyone who's said a kind word about the mural! <3

DOB: February 2017
Size: ~ 12' x 25'
Location: Broad and Sheppard, Richmond, VA

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Photo credit to Mara Beaton! <3