1680 Tavern

Millwrights Restaurant in Simsbury, CT, offers a beautiful fine-dining experience in a mill house built in the year (you guessed it) 1680. Their upstairs dining room looks out over the mill's waterfall, and their cozy-but-classy bar called 1680 Tavern hides downstairs. To help guests find their way downstairs, they commissioned an americana-style mural to be painted in the stairwell.

This historical building has been elegantly renovated, but still bears much of the layout and wooden timbers from the original 334 year-old construction. For the maximum 'original' feel, I painted directly onto the wood of the stairwell. The raw, unprimed wood helped me achieve a muted, aged look.

In addition to the hand and stars pictured below, a scattering of stars are hidden around the downstairs bar area. If you tell the bartender the correct number of hidden stars, you may get a special "Shooting Star Shot"...!

Size: approx. 6'x4'

Location: 77 West St. Simsbury, CT

Stars: 13

Hidden Stars: secret!

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1680 hand_1.jpg


For more images of the beautiful space, see Millwright's gallery page. Above images courtesy of Millwright's Restaurant. 

1680 hand_14.jpg
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1680 hand_14.jpg
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