Welcoming Walls

Collaboration with Sure Hand Signs

HerrSuite was invited to collaborate on a mural with Sure Hand Signs as part of the new program Welcoming Walls. Our styles work well together - Ross's "Rise and Shine" meshed nicely with a birds-and-plants pattern that you may recognize from a couple of my other small projects. 

This was an awesome and intense 3-day experience. On the first half-day we got help from Altria volunteers, but the rest was just us and the hot hot sun in front of a white reflective wall on top of a big asphalt heat sink. I'd love to do it again.

Some images below belong to Mickael Broth / Welcoming Walls

Size: ~80' x 20' 

Location: 615 Maury St. Richmond, VA

Corresponding blog post

"Welcoming Walls RVA is a project dedicated to bringing large scale public art to the highways and gateways of Richmond Virginia in an effort to boost civic pride, increase tourism, and solidify our city's reputation as a capital of culture and creativity."