Floyd Ave

The Shugars' are connoisseurs of Art Deco, particularly of Art Deco-era automobiles. Their beautiful home is filled with tastefully curated artwork and custom furnishings befitting those themes. Their garage is filled with two sporty cars, one a handsome restoration project and one a speedy and well-outfitted toy. And the back of their garage, the only part of their home visible from the alley.... was beige. Unacceptable. 

A car was the obvious solution; an Art Deco car even more so.  I worked with them to delve into a vast expanse of visual reference material, choosing an aesthetic and a specific vehicle to work from.  The details of the car and the luxury of the driver were key for them, so we reached a design that cut away any other distractions.

Now when you drive down the Floyd-Ellwood alley, perhaps on your way to the Belmont Library or the pocket park hidden deeper in, you'll get a peek of what it looks like to love a car.

Size: 16' x 7'

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All photography of the finished mural was generously provided by Sam Revenson




Introducing the sleek and seductive 1938 Delahaye 135 MS Cabriolet with coachwork by Figoni et Falaschi and an interior by Hermés:

Design Process

Painting Process

this location had crazy shadows almost all the time


The two tenants of the garage.