Thrive at RVA Street Art Fest

2016 is my second year participating in the RVA Street Art Festival, which is a local event run by some of the most active art proponents in the city: Ed Trask and Jon Baliles. This was the VIP lounge for the duration of the festival - I painted the front, and Sir James Thornhill painted the back. 

This design is based on a little silk painting I did a while ago, crossed with a small piece I did for Light Grey Art Lab's show Botanica. The word "thrive" has really stuck with me, and I think it's a message I'm willing to repeat over and over. Words are often a natural addition to a lot of my design solutions, but I avoid them because I think they narrow the possible interpretations of an image. Sometimes, however, they amplify or focus the imagery in a totally positive way. 

Size: approx. 30' x 7'
Location: Mobile

b. April 2016