Sefton Coffee Co.

Sefton Coffee Co. is my new favorite coffee shop in Richmond because of their sweet and airy space, extensive menu (for a coffee shop), and friendly folk. I'm lucky enough that in addition to these nice qualities they also had a big blank wall that needed some painting. 

I sketched a design which I thought would flow with the organic, soft, and simple feel of the place. It needed to be fairly large without feeling like it was screaming for attention, so I stuck with the very low contrast of white on green (the original wall color).  As always I tried to incorporate the architecture and structural flow of the space, in this case by growing the tree up from the door frame and counter, spilling over the molding, and wrapping the words around to the next wall. 

sefton redo_4.jpg

before bw.jpg
sefton redo_2.jpg
sefton redo_5.jpg
sefton redo_1.jpg
sefton redo_7.jpg
sefton redo_8.jpg
sefton redo_6.jpg

I also painted some signage for the front of the store - reverse-painting on the glass! (Painting on the inside so it can be read from the outside) The "Coffee Company" design on the front imitates the owner's handwriting, based on the little baby sign you can just barely see in the left of the exterior picture below. 

my space_2.jpg
so cute, right??

so cute, right??