Thrive at Cobalt

Cobalt Studios is a top-tier scenic painting studio in White Lake, NY. I was lucky enough to spend part of a summer there learning about scenic painting techniques with the inimitable Rachel Keebler and Kimb Williamson. As part of a much longer trip, I found some time to stop back by Cobalt and throw some paint around in the house where students live while enrolled. My friend Sarah Abernathy gave me a great excuse to come visit and a helpful hand in the actual painting. 

This design is based on a little silk painting I did a while ago and fell in love with. The word "thrive" has really stuck with me, and I think it's a message I'm willing to repeat over and over. Words are often a natural addition to a lot of my design solutions, but I avoid them because I think they narrow the possible interpretations of an image. Sometimes, however, they amplify or focus the imagery in a totally positive way. 

Size: 6' diameter
Location: Cobalt Studios, Inc. in White Lake, NY

b. 12/30/2015

Assisted by Sarah Abernathy

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