BHNY Shiva

This is one of several murals in Be Here Now Yoga & Wellness, a yoga studio in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Washington, DC. The owners requested three hindu gods - Ganesha, Shiva, and Hanuman, and a tree of life, all inspired by the style of Gustav Klimt. To design each god's mural, I researched Klimt's artwork as well as Hindu iconography and stories. 

For Shiva, I made his presence large in the room, but avoided making the room shrine-like, or making a piercing stare follow practitioners around the space. While Shiva has many aspects, I focused on his role as the god of yoga and the arts. Each element of the design is informed by my research. Please scroll to see an info sheet about these details. 

Size: approx. 40'x10' plus like 80' of hair wrapping around the room
Location: Capitol Hill, Washington, DC

b. summer 2015

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