Väsen Brewery

Painted for Väsen Brewery. The guys at Väsen brought me in on this project really early- when I first visited the site they didn't even have a floor, much less walls. They talked to me about their inspiration and experiences of Scandinavian shamans and outdoor lifestyles and nature spirits.

From their website: “Hyperborea was a place beyond the north winds in Greek mythology where the sun was always shining and outdoor activities could be enjoyed every hour of the day. While our Hyperborium taproom is not open quite as long, the feeling of the outdoors surrounds our space.”

“The Swedish word “väsen” honors our Scandinavian heritage and translates as one’s inner essence or way of being. At Väsen Brewing Company, brewing is about creating and appreciating something greater than yourself.”

This mural shares space with beautiful work by many other skilled Richmond artists - for example spy the metal antler light fixtures by @phoenixhandcraft and @umanoffdesign.

Caribou design by Ben Kwok

Hundreds of symbols designed by Jenn Buch at 903 Creative to represent Richmond and brewing

Inspired by shamanic drum symbols and the James River Park System.

Size: 15’ x 25’
Location: 3331 Moore Street, Richmond, VA 23230
DOB: June 2017



Inspiration // Reference





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