Thrive in Brooklyn

My friend Ellie and I threw this cutie up in just NINE HOURS! Basically from sunup to sundown (winter sunlight, what can i say) we did some quick painting and decision-making, not to mention learning how to use spray paint for the first time. The design is based on a print Ellie did of this neighborhood (Bushwick), smooshed with my Thrive motif. 

This is a communal wall offered by a spray paint shop called Low Brow Artique, which means we painted over someone else's art to put ours up.  In turn our mural was painted over after just two days - unusually fast for that spot, but our image was also a pretty unusual style in a neighborhood totally covered in all kinds of graffiti. Next time, we're determined to find somewhere a little more permanent. 


Size: ~20' x 10'
Location: Low Brow Artique
143 Central Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221
b. 12/4/2015
d. 12/6/2015

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Collaboration with Ellie Doughty

Huge thanks to Ellie and to @djkorupted for taking good pictures! 




Plan & Process

Babies learning how to spray paint

Babies learning how to spray paint