Paintings S, M, L, XL

Plein Air is king when the weather is this nice and you're dating this guy (king of plein air). So over the past few months I've been noodling on these little cuties. Each is ≤ 4" x 6" so depending on your device, you might be seeing them larger than life. 

I've always felt more comfortable painting from life or direct reference, so this it's a refreshing reminder to do that, especially without a particular project in mind. It's also really satisfying to look at this little collection because earlier in the year I was stressing about not practicing painting enough - everything I was doing was big projects, rather than personal work or studies or exercises. For an artist, committing to painting for yourself more often can feel like a commitment to a diet or an exercise routine - despite the best intentions, it's inevitable that you'll fall off your perfect plan sooner or later. So the fact that I've actually followed through and been painting is really really really cool. Yay me. Now to keep keeping it up. 

Another big goal I've been working on is this mobile studio - if you didn't see it before, check out my new blog dedicated to that progress.  I'm starting to gather all my planning in one place, and I plan to buy a vehicle and really get down to business in the next few months. My most recent post there is a giant list of stuff I want. Like Christmas!

Speaking of vehicles, my most recent mural was my first car painting on my first garage.

Check out the project page for it ~HERE~

New Normal house mural_6.jpg

Also recently finished: my 2016 calendars! I finally got my shit together (third year's the charm) and have the whole thing set up and ready to order in time for the ~holiday season~. If you would like a full-year 2016 calendar, please email me at They are 2'x4' , hand-signed, and printed on silky smooth, buttery soft vinyl to protect your wall from any writing implement you might choose. $50 includes shipping (up to $15.) View the year from a luxurious hilltop vantage point, plan vacations or doctors appointments months in advance with ease, avoid the treacherous page-turn between each month!

Unlike the 2015 calendars, these are not printed on repositionable sticker material, but I can order one special for you on that material if you prefer it. Otherwise you will need some tape or tacks or other hanging plan.

Last but not least, I have a rare painting on canvas for sale! This baby was commissioned and never paid for, so now it's warming the walls of my parent's house. Please email if you are interested in owning a non-mural HerrSuite original. 

Approx. 36" x 48" acrylic and latex on canvas, varnished and signed, ready to hang. 

Seen here at its debut at New Normal Apparel in May