Three Murals, One Week

On Thanksgiving day, I started a two-week painting trip from Williamsburg, VA to Springfiled, VA to Greencastle, PA, to White Lake, NY, to Brooklyn, NY, to Easton, PA, to East Petersburg, PA, to Chadd's Ford, PA, to Arlington, VA, and finally back home to Richmond, VA. YEAH.

I got to visit a lot of cool people and see a lot of cool art.... and I painted THREE MURALS in ONE WEEK! YEAH YEAH!  Below are links to each project page:

While in New York I saw a LOT of perfect step vans - apparently NYC USPS trucks are exactly what I need. Short axle base, not too long not too short, single rear wheels, barn doors, sliding doors on both sides, classy chrome fixtures, little snub nose and round headlights... so beautiful! Augh. If anyone knows how I can get my grubby paws on one of these, please tell me. 

PS I am still posting updates on the truck hunt in the mobile studio blog, if you want to follow along as I continue to be unable to find a perfect vehicle that I can actually buy / afford.