Okay, it's been radio silence here on the blog for a bit, but that is for an excellent reason - I've been very happily busy, mostly with planning and travels! Last week I drove up from Richmond, VA to West Hartford, CT to paint my uncle's new office for his osteopathic practice. I'll be doing a whole post about that later, because it has to wait until they get back from vacation and experience ~The Great Reveal~

In the meantime, I want to finally show off something I did several months ago in my apartment. I needed a calendar for 2014, and I needed to plan lots of big things across the course of the whole year... so I really wanted to see the whole year at once. 

Naturally, the solution to this problem is a mural. 

 It's a good home-base for fitting everything together (although it is a little hard to fit in my pocket.) Now I can plan straight through the months without the weird end-of-the month jump of a regular calendar.

I'm thinking about making a new one for 2015 and have it printed on this scale as a wall-hanging....? ....! I think it would be pretty awesome, but I don't know if other people feel the need to plan this way... or have the wall space. Comment if you think you might, or think someone else would!