"BEFORE" pics

Oh man, I realized I haven't really done a good solid 'BEFORE' post. That's largely because I only just recently took the time to sit and take pictures and really inspect all the little things about the truck in it's current state that need repairs. So, here's the official 'before' photoset:


Also, an update about the Metal Baby's visit to Mary the Marvelous Mechanic: We have a clean bill of health! Haha just kidding. We just squeaked by the inspection and things are running "good enough". Good news: It actually required less work than expected, totalling about $1000 instead of $1500 - yay! Mediocre (or bad-but-pretty-much-expected) news: The steering column will need to be replaced within a year or two, and the engine is not in awesome shape. That's a real bummer because I know very little about engines, but what everyone had told me was that a Chevy 350 v-8 would be a great, solid, dependable, strong engine, so I was really pleased to find a truck with one. Now that I know it's a little questionable, I expect I'll have to plan on some serious engine $$ sometime in the not-too-distant future.