Pinterest and the first sketches

For the last 3 years or so I've been making a Pinterest board for a possible future tiny house. For the last year, I've made a separate one just for the Mobile Studio. Now it's time for me to sort through those boards for actual useful information. I'm going through them image by image and link by link, editing and making a physical list of key ideas.  If you'd like to see the board, take a look! 

Mobile Studio Pinterest Board

(The HerrSuite Pinterest is mostly made of collections of different kinds of mural examples - a pretty good resource for when I'm trying to nail down an aesthetic with a client.) 

Next step questions to figure out: 

  1. should I change the door?? can I build an insulated ceiling that allows for the roll-up door??
  2. Do I want/need a 'shed' area? uninsulated, dirty, storage, better security... Or is it not necessary and more complicated than helpful?
  3. How do i clean the rust off of the bumpers? What other cleaning and small repair work is necessary after the big mechanics are fixed up?
  4. Utilities! What even is Heating? A/C? Water? Electricity? How how how??
  5. start looking at grant applications - are there any ways that I should pursue to get a little extra cash for this? 
  6. I said a lot about having workshops/talks about my process for this. I need to brainstorm some ways for this to be a publicly accessible process/experience/example. 

A lot is going to depend on how I deal with this door. If I keep it as a garage door, I'll need to accommodate that in the ceiling space. If I replace it, the world is my (probably very expensive) oyster.

I started doing some small doodles of layouts, keeping in mind all of the elements from the Giant List. I found that it was easiest to visualize if I started with these elements: what does the sink area look like? What does the desk area look like? ...then I could sort of piece these together in the shape of a layout. 

On Sunday, I'm going to my Immobile Studio (basically storage space right now) to take stock of all my stuff. I'll start deciding what to get rid of and what to design cabinet space for...! I think I'm also going to try and get back on a more daily-ish posting plan.