Debutante First Friday

The Baby made it's debut last week!

After getting the desk in on Thursday, I cleaned up the construction zone inside the truck as much as possible and trundled on over to Endeavor RVA for the mobile studio's first appearance at First Fridays. Sarah and I rushed to slap some paint on the truck to explain what it was and clear up the fact that it's not a food truck (the #1 question I get asked). 

And of course, the whole reason for the rush to clear construction dust and slap new paint on the truck was to SHOUT TO THE HEAVENS that we are launching HerrSuite's FIRST TOUR!!! 

The HerrSuite Mobile Studio is preparing to embark on a GIRLS!-themed mural-painting tour up the east coast! We’ll be painting public murals of local badass self-identifying ladies to celebrate women as multi-faceted HUMAN BEINGS. 

During the month of July we’ll drive from Richmond, VA to Burlington, VT, stopping in DC, PA, NYC, and MA along the way. We'll spend about a week in each city: 

  • first - interview as many local ladies as possible bout how and why they live
  • second - paint their portraits all into a public mural
  • third - host an event presenting the mural and showcasing the women it features

Stay tuned!! This is just the gist of things, but as we pin down details we'll be updating these pages:

Girls! Girls! Girls! webpage   •    Public Facebook Event

Also if you'd like to send me your email to get updates, go ahead and fill out the form below: 

Now of course, our first step was to get stickers and shirts to hand out and sell. We immediately sold out of these tank tops (!!!!!!!!!!!) but we'll be making more as soon as possible!