The Husband is in the House

Big doings in the past week or so! I've found a home for the Metal Husband (although to be honest I think Metal Baby is a more appropriate name) and gotten it parked there for the time being ~indoors~!! Very Fancy.

As we all know, Winter is Coming (specifically it's coming tomorrow morning, better put on your snow pants Richmond) so getting the Metal Baby under a roof is a big deal. 

So yeah, that's what 3 inches of clearance looks like. I was afraid we'd have to deflate the tires to get it inside; a good idea?? a terrible idea?? thank goodness I may never know. Look at that picture! Look how itty bitty I look! Can you believe it's legal for me to drive this thing?? Ho ho ho, what a lark~

The warehouse is not heated, although it's undergoing to some upgrades so my fingers are crossed... But it's totally worth it to be out of the snow/wind/wet, AND there may be a metal/wood shop moving in right next to me!! How handy can you get? 

Before moving in though, I used the currently-empty truck to move my all my junk (tools, paint, materials, old projects, e v e r y t h i n g) out of the Immobile Studio and into the warehouse. It was heartening to see that everything fit into the truck even without fancy-pants "shelves" and "drawers" and whatnot. I got some much-needed help from some lovely friends. I know I'm going to have to call on my friends a lot during this process, and I'm so grateful that they have made me feel welcome to do that. <3 to Sishir and Paul and Arthur and Eli and Jess and Alex <3 

Some Random Realizations: 

  • I get to pick out whatever window situation I want.... and scrolling through craigslist, I realized that this could include stained glass windows??????? Just sayin.
  • Speaking of windows, they have to be my very first step apparently - the best time to cut a big hole in the wall is before there's anything else attached to the wall... 
  • I should definitely plan on putting a set of outlets on the exterior of the truck. 
  • I spent some time looking at the underside of the chassis, and I realized there are a lot of unused spaces. High potential for drawers/hidden storage. More on this later. 
  • The more I see what needs to be fixed, the more I wonder: should I buy one of the shitty craigslist ones for parts?? spare tire(s), mirrors, extra glass, windows... maybe even some useful mechanics. I know I'll need to replace the steering column at some point, and finding one that fits miht be a trick....
Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert

Another big step: I decided to go ahead and get insurance right away instead of waiting until I plan on driving it regularly. This means I at least have the option of driving it to get materials or show it off, and I won't risk anything when I take it out every week or so to give it a breather and get the juices flowing. This also means that I finally registered it and will have plates coming in the mail soon...!! I'm lucky - my second choice was available. 


My next post will be on my layout plans - I've been trying every which way of fitting all the stuff I want in this space, and hitting some roadblocks (two very specific wheel-well-shaped roadblocks >:( ugh) but I think I might have landed on a very cool solution. Stay tuned!