Mini-Mural #2 is pretty big

The past week has been pretty eventful - this whole project is starting to feel really really real! There's two GGG mini-murals and a bunch more in the pipeline, I got to be on a podcast (!), we have some sponsors (!!) as well as SHIRTS....!!!! Not to mention I can now proudly invite you to join us at a First Fridays kickoff event at Studio Two Three! Read on!

The second Girls! Girls! Girls! 'mini-mural' has found its home at Andre Shank's house in Lakeside! 

These ladies are actually featured in a photoshoot from Catalyst Magazine that was done in front of the first GGG mural!

I'm looking forward to painting several more of these over the next weeks before DEPARTURE! No spoilers, but they're gonna be all over the place! Keep an eye out!

As a longtime podcast junkie, I am absolutely geeking out about this next piece of news:

The Next Tuesday Podcast (a local show run by two boss babes, centered on casual conversations between entrepreneurial women) invited me and Sarah to be featured on their most recent episode!! We had a really nice conversation about the what and how and why of this trip, and it was surprisingly not horrible to hear my own recorded voice! Listen below:

Care and Suz, our hosts

Care and Suz, our hosts

Behind the scenes sneak peek: they were kind enough to edit out the 15 minutes where, upon hearing a giant thunderclap, I panicked and ran 6 blocks back to the Giant Metal Baby to close all the windows JUST before a torrential downpour. Oh Emily. 

As you might hear in the podcast above, the world of sponsorship is not one I'm used to, and nudging into it has been a huge learning experience. So I'm honored to say that we have three generous organizations now helping us to make this tour possible! Chesapeake Bank, Campfire + Co, and Worse for Wear are helping us pay for the paint, gas, and food that we need to paint murals in Richmond and beyond. 

If your business is interested in supporting this project, we are still looking for two more Richmond Sponsors to get us on the road!

If you are just a regular human (not a business), I've got a link for you too! Click the "Support the Tour" button on this page!

Last but farthest from least: 

You are invited to our kickoff event at Studio Two Three!!!!

If you haven't made it out to a pop-up yet (or even if you have) this will be your last chance to check out the truck and ask us what the heck it is we're doing, anyway, before we HIT THE ROAD! 

Live mural painting inside S23 • Open invite to paint on the truck! • Showcase of all the artwork for the project so far • 'Open house' of the Giant Metal Baby • Shirts and prints for sale to support the trip • more to come....! (A girls girls grill?? mayhaps)

This'll be a very chill party-slash-art-show, and I would love to see you (yes you) there <3 We'll have some dranks and snacks, but feel free to byob if you'd like to! Drop by to pre-game the downtown art walk or hang out with us the whole time on S23's new fabulous lawn furniture set.

Girls Girls Girls Mural Tour Kickoff!
First Friday, July 7th, 5-8pm
Studio Two Three in Scott's Addition
3300 W Clay St, Richmond, VA 23230


PS  Did you catch that up there? I mentioned shirts at the kickoff? That's because YES the SHIRTS are READY! If you pre-ordered a shirt, this would be a GREAT time to come pick it up!

I'll be sending an email to all you early birds with other pick-up options as well- thank you!