Wowza. The giant metal baby has experienced quite a growth spurt in quite a few short weeks!


It's been all go-go-go in preparation for a big move from the Create Space warehouse (work-space since January) to a new and exciting home base at Build RVA, a maker-space and project accelerator a few miles down the road. 

As part of that big move... CALLING ALL HANDS ON DECK!  In an effort to finish off an hefty supply of spray paint (that doesn’t necessarily need to move with us) and to also give the Mobile Studio a fashionable new coat, everyone (that means you!) is invited to come out and celebrate the progress by SPRAYING THAT TRUCK this Saturday, October 15th.

But back to our story: Since the last blog post, we've gotten the floor in, the backdoor latched, and whole lot of white painted on everything. This past week has been all about raising those interior walls, and building those space-efficient and super secure storage compartments that will make for a smooth and trusty ride for both artist and artist's supply. As with anything that goes mobile, the goal has been to build with stability-during-mobility in mind! The nifty shelves and the storage carts we finished off were all built to secure HEAVY paint and supplies while the mobile studio bounces from point A to point B. 


So here’s a little more on what we built: TWO floor to ceiling closeted shelves: they roll into and out of the custom built closets on casters that fit over the wheel wells. Here gallons of paint will be neatly organized and stored behind white painted doors with pull handles for quick and easy access. Basically think filing cabinet but more fun because it’s storing paint and not your legal records. 


In addition to these, a storage closet was finished off, which involves an angled interior wall that meets with the side of the rear window. Ladders will be stored here and accessed from a door on the outside, back of the van. Also in the very back inside of the van, opposite the ladder closet, floor to ceiling horizontal shelving was built - these shelves are open but will soon have 3/4” steel tubing that will perform as security bars. A bit of welding in the near future to finish this part off…  

The current-ish plan

It’s very exciting to have reached the point where the interior landscape is coming together, where Sketchup dreams come to life! 


In other news, after photographing the latest HerrSuite mural -a continuous art deco inspired elevator shaft piece at the Shugars home- neighbor John BALILES (mayoral candidate!) made a surprise guest appearance, and received a live tour of the mobile studio. We think he was kind of stoked! 



Special thanks this week goes out to ikea: for selling all those boards and carts and storage pieces with humorous names at seriously affordable prices.