Land of Ice and Fire

My parents decided to bring my brother and I on a fabulous amazing extravagant week-long trip to ICELAND for summer vacation this year! And when I say fabulous amazing extravagant I mean ~~*RoAd TrIp*~~  We've done a series of road trips over the years, to places like Savannah, GA, New Orleans, LA, and Niagara Falls (twice).  We figured it was time we leveled up to Road Trip: International Mode. 

We've been here since last Monday and we are leaving tomorrow.  I figured now was a good time to share a couple of highlights from this place, because once I get back it'll be time to unpack (from Cobalt AND Iceland) and dive into the Halcyon Vintage mural....! More on that later.

So without further ado: Some Things I Have Learned In Iceland


1. Sheep go where they want to

2. Sheep go where they want to

also this house that you've definitely seen elsewhere on the internet is indeed as well-located as it seems

3. Sheep go where they want to

That's really about it. Iceland in a nutshell for ya.

To honor the fact that this post should probably have something to do with murals, here are my two favorites of the plentiful street art/mural work that Reykjavik has to offer:

outside a high-end men's clothing shop

Okay that is all. I'm catching a ride on this tiny iceberg so I'll see you stateside soon!