Girl-Gathering: initiate!

Help us gather gather gather some Girls Girls Girls to paint onto walls

In order to paint a mural of local ladies in each city we visit, we need to start gathering ladies. In addition to meeting wonderful people along the way, we want to open up a call for you to tell us about the women in your life who are powerful, sweet, interesting, active, loud, passionate, comforting, determined, inspiring, a n d  b e y o n d . . . Who around you do think should be represented larger than life, in the company of many others, as an example of woman-kind? 

  • Send us a picture of her doing her thing (ideally but not required to be a candid, full-body picture, rather than a smiling selfie) - show her in her natural habitat! 
  • Tell us a little about her (a few words will do) - Who IS she? Why is she rad as heck?

Ways to submit: 

  • comment on this blog post
  • email to
  • use #girlsgirlsgirlstour on instagram or facebook
  • tag @herrsuite on instagram or facebook

We'll be posting drawings of some of these ladies before we get to the mural-painting stage, so follow along on instagram to catch some sneak peeks! --> @herrsuite