M.U.R.A.L. part II

(in the past, I wrote that post about how I would write this post in the future...welcome to the future)


This project was an exploration of hand-lettering, type design, mural design, and new media. 

One of the challenges of learning to be a muralist is practice. Obviously any painting practice is very valuable, but actual mural practice can be tricky. This project offered some good exercise in responding to an environment, without the huge commitment of a real mural. 


The front of each tile has a letter of the word 'mural' painted in acrylic.

The back of each tile has a photo of a place where you might expect to find a mural: a home, the side of a building, an alley, another home, and a playground (respectively.) I printed the photos out on regular paper, then transferred to the MDF surface via wet gloss medium. As the medium dried, it retained the ink from the paper, and I could scrub the paper off the now-hard surface. 

On top of the photographs, I painted a miniature 'mural' suitable for the space.  

click for big

Deluxe Boyfriend Hand Model: Tom Segar

I love playing with typography, display, the concept of 'mural'..... I love this project. Something about these mini/faux murals is really fun for me, and I want to figure out a way to incorporate them into other projects.

I wonder if anyone would be interested in custom versions? Their initial and a mini-mural on a picture of somewhere special to them? 

I displayed these at the VCU Senior Show last year (the "A" found a new home with some friends.) It was quite a trick to get them lined up as a word and leave both sides visible, but we figured it out just in time.