Learning about small spaces on a boat, and panicking

Whenever I decide to focus on One Thing, instead of filling all my newly-empty brainspace with energy and focus on that One Thing, my brain says wow! look at all this time and space and energy we have now! we're unstoppable! let's GO!  So I've been having some trouble keeping all hands on deck for the studio. To be fair, I can basically only move as fast as I can get Craigslist responses, but this sure was a distracting time of year to pick for a giant project. 

No matter, things are still chugging along. I have been getting some trusted friends to be sounding boards and that fills me with great energy and plucks me out of the muck of worry and doubt that I burrow into on my own. For now, lets go back to general notes....

This spring, I got to stay on a yacht for a few days (my family airbnb'd in Charleston, SC and it was lovely). I made sure to take some notes about the compact mobile living space, and I've laid them out here, below. 

  • notched drawers so they don't slide out
  • countertop that hinges down over range
  • latches to hold doors closed AND open
  • mirrors facing doors/windows/light sources maximize space perception and light
  • built-in stuff is good for not bumping around and the more that's in the walls = the less to avoid/deal with moving around in the space. 
  • big bathroom mirror 
  • shower head on a cord
  • finger latches!! I had never seen these little latches right inside a cabinet door that you reach via a finger-sized hole. Keeps the door closed securely, easy to open, minimal hardware, no visible hardware.
  • this absolutely amazing sink that folds up into the wall behind it.
  • solid construction - I tend to climb around on stuff, so everything including fixtures/hardware/etc should be as solid as possible, in case I need to brace a toe on it to get to the top cobinet...
  • built-in speakers are snazzy
  • cutouts in the shelves to hold glass cups in place. I won't need to do that exactly, but it's a reminder that everything moves, even behind closed doors. Fasten it down.
  • screen door! screens on windows! pocket doors! all of these are lovely
  • If I need steps/stairs of any kind, remember that they can be almost anything solid. They can move, too, as long as they're stable when I need them.