Sunroom: FINITO!

Now that Kathy and Jay are home from their trip and have seen their new sunroom firsthand, I can show off to you all! At long last, the West Club Lane butterfly garden is live!


To date, this is my biggest residential mural, and I think it represents the most time I have spent on a single mural as well. It feels sooo good to be finished, for sure, but as with pretty much everything I make, I feel like I could keep working on it forever. There's always something else to be added (more butterflies? maybe a few rogues drifting into other rooms? oooo, maybe one lone string of flowers in the connected kitchen...!) but knowing when to show some restraint is just as important as being thorough. 


I can't wait to see what Kathy does with the room. Since she forgot to swear me to secrecy, I can tell you that the mural process inspired her to clear all of this room's old furniture out of her life. Two new and perfectly wonderful wooden chairs have already moved in to replace the heavy dark laZboy....!

Check out this mural's brand new project page to see more pictures and some fabulous fritillary fun facts.