I've been playing with the theme of "Girls! Girls! Girls!" for a little while now... I love the (usually) unintentionally positive feminist feel that a lot of strip club signs have. They're just so dang excited about GIRLS! 

Recent (small scale) girly projects


New (full scale) girly mural! 

Most of my work is commissioned, and therefore the design is often informed heavily by the client's input. I was lucky enough to be commissioned recently by a client who gave me complete control over the design, so I chose focus on making this "Girls" theme a bigger thing. 

Photo credit to the lovely Mara Beaton!

click here to see the full project page for this mural

All of the girls and women painted in this piece are referenced from images given to me in response to an open call: send me a picture of someone female-identifying who you love. 

I hope for this to be an ongoing series of murals. I've done a lot of sketching in this vein, and have an alternative design for this mural that i'd love to see on another wall: