Lost in the internet, don't send help

www.bringatrailer.com is my new drug. I don't even care that I can't buy anything on it, it's the treasure trove of search terms I've been looking for. I never thought I would be tempted by what essentially old van porn? But so it goes. Everything is so beautiful!!!

More realistically, I might have found the perfect van just a mile from my house - though I doubt it's for sale. It's a step-van of unknown make and model with full-width doors, roof rack, tall, just the length of a deep parking lot space (18 or 19ft?), an awning (!), good condition, a roof rack (!!)....  I had to stalk the driver through an alley at night (Mom, it's fine, I'm fine) but I found out where it lives and got the owner's contact info. I have a meeting tomorrow at the Broadberry to learn more...!