Burlington, at last!

Our story continues... click on the picture for big, and to read the captions. 

At 7am on Monday morning one of the mechanics started banging on the side of the truck letting us know they were ready for us. Thankfully we had already been awake and were all packed up to leave the truck there for the day, so we just jumped on out. They pulled the truck across the parking lot and into the garage using a forklift with a chain wrapped around one of the bars and hooked to my rear axle. Much less snazzy than the giant rescue tow truck. 

After a lot of sleepy waiting and facebook consultations for second opinions, I learned that when my brakes had been worked on a while ago, [insert problem words I don't understand or remember], resulting in a cracked bearing that allowed one of my wheels to just sort of walk off of the axle (thus the smoke, and shaking, and tire sticking out). The weight of the truck then bent the end of the axle out of shape, making it a much bigger problem. The office manager here was very insistent that this is something that I need to address with the last two shops that worked on the truck, first for not doing the brakes right, and second for passing my inspection in January with this problem. She said she'd make any write-ups or calls that I needed her to, which is a huge relief. We'll see. For the problem at hand, they ordered a new rear end (pictured) scheduled to arrive Wednesday.

Monday: Promises about getting us out of there Wednesday evening, barring other problems. We bike into town, now homeless. Suddenly, a miracle! Our planned host in Burlington actually grew up in Glens Falls (!?) and has a friend here willing to put us up!! We arrange to meet at her house after she gets off work. She and her boyfriend make us pizza. Amazing. 

Tuesday: Waiting waiting waiting, also Poopie's! Also a little bit of exploring the town.) The peak experience of Glens Falls was probably eating at Poopie's. It was delicious and scary.

Wednesday: Get ready to leave town! Pack our things! Then - news that the replacement part arrived, and it's cracked. "The truck will not leave the shop today, sorry. Not sure when, talk to you soon." Panicking, despairing, hunting for pity-cake (this town doesn't have cake???) Scrambling to change plans again. Our new angel-friends coordinate to drive us to Burlington without the truck!!!! The day is saved! 

(By the end of the day, the mechanic tells us that they have located and ordered another replacement part, but the truck won't be ready until Wednesday of next week. We plan on returning to Glens Falls and driving it home from there.)

This is why I own a truck. We just barely fit all the paint, rollers, poles, buckets, spray, etc for painting ONE big-ish mural, as well as two bikes, and our personal packed stuff for a week living out of a suitcase. 


Thursday: Finally see Battery Street Jeans and meet Stu Sporko, owner! With continued and bountiful help from new and old friends (Byron from Montreal traveled down to visit and help out as well!!!) we set up for a small opening reception and started painting! I complained constantly but quietly to Sarah about not having the truck, but really, things went very well, considering. 

...and so now we paint!

...and bike around Burlington, which is gorgeous. 

Coming up: Will the truck be ready for pickup on Wednesday? Will we make it home by Friday, as scheduled? Who can say?? Wish I knew. Stayyyyy tunnnned.

I plan on putting out another blog post next Monday, and will be doing my best to update Facebook and Instagram in between! That's @HerrSuite on Facebook and @girlsgirlsgirlstour on Instagram.  

Thank you to everyone who is following along and asking after our well-being!! It makes a huge difference when things feel a little out of control <3 We are doing just fine, and working on rebuilding the momentum we lost over the longgg weekend. 







Some pics courtesy of Arielle, one of our hosts! Click to check out her photography, it's excellent!

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