It's All About Community

The past month and a half has been filled by an all-absorbing project, and my largest solo project to-date: the Chesapeake Bank installation of approximately 24,000 giant panels. You can see the full project page for that via the link below. Now I'll be running around and catching up on everything else I've had to put on hold, so I'll gather a post on that stuff next. There are some very exciting things happening soon that I want to tell you about! (yoga gods! dogs on dogs on dogs! icelandic monsters!)

This is maybe a good place to say that I'm finally on instagram - if you'd like to follow me for much more timely (but brief) updates, you can do so here:

For now, please check out the project page for my installation at Chesapeake Bank's newest location! 


-''`'\\~,..Click Here!..,//'`''-


Um also the installation earned a small spot on the front page of the business section in the Richmond Times Dispatch! (!!!!!!!)