Kitchen Labels

FInished a quick little at-home project a bit ago, doodling on a craigslist furniture find.   Our kitchen lacks drawers of any kind, so we snatched the first thing we found that seemed suitable, mild hideousness overlooked for the moment. 

poster real_6.jpg

Roommates being what they are (although ours are as kind and good as can be), I am compelled to label everything so that I have a hope for finding something on the first try. 

poster real_1.jpg
poster real_2.jpg
poster real_5.jpg
poster real_8.jpg

The labels are white acrylic with different kinds of marker on top. 

I wish I had tested my colors first. Some of the marker brands and colors faded very quickly, while some others (Sharpie) didn't change at all. Markers tend to hate drawing on top of paint, but Crayola washables are apparently just fine with it (use what you got, right?)

And now... hmmm... sort of looks like it needs a little something else too, doesn't it? Perhaps you will see this thing of mine again later.