Schemes and Tangles

It's hard to keep all of my different lines of thought straight. Sometimes I feel like it's a very direct process (buy van, make repair plan, do repairs, wow!), and sometimes I wade too deep into the strong currents of possibility. The sweet spot in between involves keeping a lot of strings separate and ready to braid into one plan. I like both of those metaphors so I'm keeping them, but the strings one is more helpful right now. 

The strings I'm holding at the moment (in no particular order) are:

  1. community taking opportunities: look into grants and programs that I could enroll in to help me along (also maintain my list people who have generously offered my their time and expertise)
  2. community giving opportunities: brainstorm/network about workshops or talks or tours I can plan to share what I'm working on and inspire others to do something similar
  3. funding: get my own finances under control so that I know whether I can spend this money like I think I can, or whether this is going to require tight budgeting
  4. cost analysis: exactly how much should I expect to spend anyway? I've made up my numbers based on other people's blogs so far, more or less pulling them from thin air. 
  5. mechanic: I just found someone who I think will help me find the right vehicle, so I need to stay in touch with her and figure out an agreement with her for her time
  6. dreaming: what is this going to look like?? where can it go? I've been totally distracted from more relevant problems by the question of HOW and WHAT I will paint on the outside of it! 
  7. workspace/storage: where will I work on this, and where will I keep all my stuff in the meantime? I think I have a lead on this, but it's a little tenuous. Also when will I move out of my current studio? It's cheap ($100/month) but I can certainly use that money elsewhere...
  8. scheduling: My goal is to just dive in and bury myself in this project, but there's always Other Stuff (especially around the holidays, duh Emily, great timing). When do I Start For Real No Kidding No Excuses? This one is giving me headaches and starting to make me feel silly. Pretty sure the answer is Just Do It.
  9. BUY A VEHICLE (what vehicle? where? how much? how perfect is perfect?)

I think that's it. 

Most of this just makes me want to go into List Overdrive and make some lists about this list. Possibly that's not a bad idea to do soon, but I am Very Sure that Just Starting is key to not really freaking out and going into Perfectionist Overdrive. I just did that with trying to buy glasses and it was Frustrating and Stupid and that is what Always Happens when I'm nervous about something not being good enough >:( 

SO. Deep breaths, and I'm going to set a date. 

Tomorrow, Wednesday (well, Wednesday afternoon since I have an engagement darling, of course), I will review my list of everything I want in this vehicle, I will strap on my snorkel, and I will dive into Craigslist. So it is written, so it shall be done.