Fantasia Drive

Welcome to a sneak peek of my next project! This one represents a lot of firsts for me: first kids room, first human figure on a wall, first full illustrative/narrative scene... so obviously I'm pretty excited. 

Below are the first three steps of my planning process: concept/composition, pencil sketch, and value study. 

My client's prompts (as paraphrased by me) included:  

[subject] (whole scene/illustration) approx. one wall full of a little girl (in drapery-style clothes, perhaps some fairy queen qualities) sitting in a tree and reading, animals (perhaps some delicate antelope?), golden/atmospheric, birds (peacock/songbirds)

[style] chinoiserie, art deco, muted palette (cool with warm highlights) - olives, indigos, gold, a la illustrated manuscript/persian miniatures, quiet/sparse landscape, delicate, realistic-ish (not charicaturized)


Next comes the color study, and then a full, to-scale rendering in watercolor and other traditional media. Stay tuned~