I believe that when we last spoke I had just collapsed after RVA MakerFest, my first event representing HerrSuite to the general public... and speaking on-stage about it (oh my god).

Since then I've hopped from event to event in a small whirlwind - Arts on the Grove (a booth), Virginia Native Plant Society (a solo talk), VCU (a panel), and back around to RVA Makers in my own studio. It was a nerve-wracking two weeks, but good! I've learned that I'm much much better at answering questions than speaking in monologue, and that I don't have the guts to make small retail-style products.

For the time being I'm back in the studio - no more upcoming events for me :) I definitely need some focus-time to really settle down and draw and paint and plan things, so I'm eager to get back to that. 

While all that was going on though, I did finish another project: PROJECT FIRETRUCK. This awesome family is the same one for whom I painted a nursery full of clouds (blog link, project page link). Their son Thomas is really really into firetrucks. 

He was well on his way to having a firetruck themed room before I came along, but a giant firetruck mural was to be the pièce de résistance.  This project was extremely awesome not only because it was a firetruck mural (inherently awesome), and not only because the Carleys are so nice (<3), but also because I got to go on a whole firetruck adventure in the name of Research.


from this...

to this!